Brad Pitt on Why He Keeps Doing 'Less and Less' Acting: Hollywood Is a 'Younger Man's Game'

Brad Pitt feels like he might be aging out of Hollywood as the landscape continues to change

Brad Pitt is at peace with acting less at this stage in his career.

The actor appears on the latest cover of GQ Australia where he opens up about his changing interest in the movie industry as he gets older. Pitt next stars in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which also deals with an evolving movie industry in 1969.

“I’m behind the camera on the producing side and I enjoy that a lot,” says Pitt, 55, said of his recent projects with production company Plan B. “But I keep doing less and less. I really believe that overall it’s a younger man’s game – not that there aren’t substantial parts for older characters – I just feel, the game itself, it’ll move on naturally. There will be a natural selection to it all.”

He continued, “But I’m curious to see what the future of [film] is, what shape it takes. I really appreciate the streaming services because we’re seeing more and more quality projects being made. We’re seeing more writers and directors and actors getting a shot. It just tells you how many talented people are out there.”

“I like to think there’s room for both,” he says, taking a while to mull it over, per the outlet. “But I could be a dinosaur and not even know it, man. And the comet could be on the way.”

Pitt won an Oscar in 2014 for producing the hit movie 12 Years a Slave with his production company.

Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Andrew Cooper

In the interview, Pitt also opened up about working with costar Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time. The two previously appeared on Growing Pains in the ’80s but never crossed paths and continued to miss each other for the next three decades until Tarantino brought them together.

“We kind of popped at the same time,” Pitt said of DiCaprio. “This is a guy who’s really giving and really goes for it, so you know it’s great fun being able to spar with that calibre of actor. And he’s just great fun.”

Pitt previously praised DiCaprio during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, where he said he’d like to work with DiCaprio again.

“I had a great laugh with him,” Pitt told reporters via The Playlist. “It’s that thing knowing you have the best of the best on the opposite side of the table holding up the scene with you. There is a great relief in that.”

He added, “We have the same reference points. We have been going through this at the same time. Similar experiences to laugh about it. I hope we do it again, it was great fun.”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opens July 26.

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