Brad Pitt on How the Manson Murders and Harvey Weinstein Had a Similar Effect on Hollywood

Both the Manson family murders and the fall of the disgraced producer marked the end of an era for Hollywood

There are always events in history which mark the end of an era.

During an interview with The Sunday Times, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood costars Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio opened up about the massive impact the Manson family murders, which are depicted in the new film, had on Hollywood — and the parallels that can be seen today.

“When my parents described it, it was as the end of this idealized revolution,” DiCaprio, 44, explained. “My parents are still hippies, but it was the loss of this dream.”

“As Quentin [Tarantino] describes, you sort of portray this utopia, but there is a mildew around the canvas that brought the darkness of humanity into play and ended a lot of my parents’ hopes for how they could infuse that ‘love and peace’ ideology into the rest of the world,” he continued. “It all sort of crashed, and ended so much that some talk of it as a conspiracy. It was the total end of an era — immediately.”

When asked to name a modern-day event that had a similar impact on Hollywood, Pitt made a connection to the change brought about by the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

“Is that bad taste?” he asked. “[Like the Manson murders], it’s more that I think we’re getting recalibrated. But [this time] in a good way.”

Since October 2017, when allegations against the disgraced producer were first brought to light, the #MeToo movement has helped to usher in a new age of accountability and progress.

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Pitt has likely devoted plenty of time to Weinstein’s fall as the actor’s production company, Plan B Entertainment and Annapurna Pictures have acquired the rights to the story of how two New York Times reporters investigated and uncovered Weinstein’s pattern of sexual misconduct.

Pitt and Weinstein also have a rocky history.

While the actor was dating ex Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress has claimed that the producer sexually harassed her.

“We had one incident in a hotel room where he tried to make a pass at me,” she told Howard Stern in May 2018 while detailing the alleged experience.

After telling Pitt about the 1995 incident, the actor reportedly confronted Weinstein, telling him to never touch Paltrow again.

“We were at the opening of Hamlet on Broadway. Harvey was there and Brad Pitt — it was like the equivalent of throwing him against the wall, energetically,” she told Stern.

“He said, ‘If you ever make her feel uncomfortable again, I’ll kill you,’ “she recalled Pitt saying to Weinstein. “Or something like that.”

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The disgraced producer was indicted in New York last year on charges of rape in the first and third degree, as well as criminal sexual act in the first degree. He pleaded not guilty in June 2018, and his trial is set for September 9.

Weinstein has previously denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and assault against him, claiming the relationships were consensual.

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