Taylor Kitsch: Sex Scenes with Blake Lively Were 'Very Awkward'

"I was just glad it was over with," he says about getting intimate in Savages

Photo: Universal Pictures

In his latest turn on the big screen, Taylor Kitsch has segued from superimposed special effects to super awkward sex scenes.

Getting up close and personal with Blake Lively in the crime-thriller Savages, due in theaters July 6, was just as tough as tackling alien forces in Battleship, the Canadian actor, 31, told reporters.

“It’s very awkward to do, you know, and I was just glad it was over with, to be honest,” Kitsch said about their sex scenes together. “And it’s such a big part of [my character] and who he is, and that’s how you meet him. So it’s a pretty intense reveal, no pun intended.

Kitsch says there wasn’t much time to get to know each other before they had to film the intense – albeit brief – intimate scenes.

“A lot of sexual improv was going on there,” he says. “God knows we had two weeks of rehearsal, so we talked until we were about to pass out, and then [we shot the sex scenes] on the day I think I knew Blake three days four days maybe.”

So now that filming’s wrapped for Savages, will the Friday Night Lights alum go back to sci-fi? “No green screen for a while,” he said. “It’s back to just mano a mano, working with actors.”

But that’s not what he told director Oliver Stone.

“I kept pitching aliens to Oliver, but he wasn’t buying it,” he said, before once again swearing off the genre. He added: “Just going off another actor and really searching and creating and collaborating is refreshing, and I’ll stay on that track.”

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