Blake Lively Is an Assassin in Training — and Disguise — in Thrilling Rhythm Section Trailer

The Rhythm Section opens in theaters Jan. 31

Blake Lively is playing a woman out for revenge.

The actress stars in The Rhythm Section as Stephanie Patrick, a woman who sets out to find the people responsible for her family’s death. To uncover the truth, Stephanie adopts a new identity of an assassin — with the help of some disguises — to hunt down those responsible for the tragedy.

In a new trailer for the movie, out Jan. 31, Lively’s Stephanie turns to Iain Boyd (Jude Law) for training.

“I lost my family three years ago, they were killed. I have nothing left. I’ll find the people who did this, I’ll kill every last one of them. I need your help,” she tells him.

The Rhythm Section - Blake Lively
Paramount Pictures

But out on the shooting range, Stephanie can’t seem to calm down enough to get a shot on target. So Law’s Boyd has her shoot him instead.

“You gotta get your rhythm section under control,” he explains. “Think of your heart as the drums, your breathing as the bass.”

Lively then sets out to find the people responsible for her family’s death, who all died in a mysterious plane crash.

The movie also features Sterling K. Brown, Max Casella, Daniel Mays and Geoff Bell.

It was originally set to open in February 2019 but got pushed back after Lively sustained an injury to her hand whilst shooting in 2017.

In July 2017, Lively expressed her excitement to be working on the project. “Yes. Yes. Yes!!! I couldn’t be more excited to be bringing this incredible and complex ? hero to life. ?? ,” she wrote on Instagram alongside an image of Burnell’s original novel.

The Rhythm Section, directed by Reed Morano (The Handmaid’s Tale) opens Jan. 31.

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