Source: Blake Lively/Instagram
November 01, 2016 11:56 AM

Are we seeing double or is this just the best Halloween costume ever? Both.

While it may be common for people to dress like their favorite celebrities for Halloween, one man took his Blake Lively-inspired costume to the next level — and it was so good, even the actress couldn’t help but notice.

Lively, 29, took to Instagram on Tuesday to give some major props to a fan who dressed as her character from the shark thriller The Shallows for the spooky holiday.

“Happy Halloween,” she captioned the side-by-side shot of a still from the movie and her fan’s costume.

And one look at the picture and it’s pretty clear why Lively loved it so much.

Los Angeles-based actor Cory Robison went all out for his look, wearing a long blond wig and a bikini. He even painted on dark bruises on his side and a jellyfish sting on his arm to complete his transformation.

In a second snap posted to Robison’s account, he posed next to the deadly shark that attacked Lively in the film.


“Just when you thought it was safe! Not just another day at the beach,” he captioned the shot of himself looking scared as the shark creeps up behind him.

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But Robison’s costume wasn’t the only one to catch Lively’s eye. The actress also gave a shout-out to her close friend Taylor Swift, who paid homage to Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, by dressing up as his character Deadpool.

In fact, she loved the costume idea so much, she wrote “#HusbandUpgrade” in the comments section of one of the pop star’s Instagrams.

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