Blake Lively Has a Braid-Off With 'Frozen' 's Elsa at Disneyland: 'Who Wore It Better'

Blake Lively's known for her long, luscious locks, but can she go head-to-head with actual Disney royalty

Blake Lively’s known for her long, luscious locks, but can she go head-to-head with actual Disney royalty?

While enjoying a fun-filled trip to Disneyland on Thursday, the Gossip Girl actress decided to challenge Frozen’s Elsa to a “braid off.”

Posing next to an actress portraying the famous Disney heroine, the two women looked at each other while comparing their blonde braids.

“Who wore it better…” the 30-year-old captioned the side-by-side snap.

But it seemed like challenging a Disney character to a hair competition wasn’t enough, as Lively also joked that she was applying to become one of the park’s costumed characters herself.

Sharing a photo of herself posing alongside Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella, Lively invited Disneyland to cast her as a very unlikely member of the Disney family — The Beast.

“@disneyland this is my official submission. Will work for minimum wage. Happy to be The Beast. Your move…” she wrote alongside the picture.

Blake Lively/Instagram

Lively also rounded out her trip to Disneyland by taking a ride on one of the park’s many attractions and she even appeared to be starstruck as she shared a hug with one of the world’s most famous mice: Mickey Mouse.

“Play.It.Cool.” she captioned a photo of the pair together.

“@Disneyland can I please move in? Thanks,” she wrote alongside another snap from her trip.


Lively, who has a history of taking fashion inspiration from Disney heroines, had previously made her love of Disneyland crystal clear when she and Ryan Reynolds chose to celebrate the holidays early in 2016 with a visit to the park.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Celebrate The Holidays At Disneyland
Richard Harbaugh/Getty

The trip coincided with their daughter James’ birthday.

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