November 08, 2016 12:00 PM



Bad Santa is back and still firmly on the naughty list.

In an exclusive look at Bad Santa 2, Willie Soke (played again by Billy Bob Thornton) is his usual grumpy, potty-mouthed self as he turns down a chance to participate in a kids’ Christmas concert alongside Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks.

“Are you out of your goddamn mind? I ain’t dancing around with a bunch of candy canes,” he says in the clip, before tacking on a friendly, “Because I’m all about the birther Christmas.”

He then offers his own take on the Christmas story — a colorfully inaccurate account of Jesus’ birth.

“Wise guys kicked them out of the hotel,” he says, dressed in his usual, dirty Santa costume. “One of them threatened to cut the kid in half and turn him into gold, it’s a heavy deal for me.”

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Thornton, 61, is stepping into his Father Christmas duds yet again for the Bad Santa 2 — after originally playing the naughty character more than a decade ago in 2003.

The actor previously told Entertainment Weekly that the sequel is funnier and filthier than the original.

“On the opposite end of that, it’s also more emotional. It’s kind of darker and a little more emotional,” he said. “So, the drama is built up a little more in this one and also the filthy humor, that goes a little further too. So, you get a little more of both.”

Bad Santa 2 hits theaters on Nov. 23.

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