'Billions' Actress Melissa Errico Saves Man Who Fell on Subway Tracks: 'We Got This!'

The singer and Broadway actress jumped into action when a man fell onto the subway tracks and broke his foot as a speeding subway train approached

Broadway singer and Billions actress Melissa Errico played a hero in real life on Wednesday when she helped save a man who’d fallen onto the New York City subway tracks as the next speeding train approached.

Best known for her starring roles in Broadway’s High Society with Anna Kendrick and as grieving widow June Raichlein on Showtime’s hit series, Billions, Errico, 49, had just left her vocal coach’s studio when she heard screams for help from inside the 14th Street F train station.

“I saw two men holding on to another man on the tracks who was reaching up to them,” the Tony-nominated actress tells PEOPLE. “He was a sweet man. He was really desperate and scared.”

But he was too heavy for them to lift.

“I could see the two men giving up,” she says. “They were letting him go.”

Well aware that a train could come rumbling down the tracks at any moment, Errico knew she had to act fast.

“I literally hopped into action,” says the mom of three. “I came running over. I was like, ‘You can’t lift him? We got this.’”

Melissa Errico
Melissa Errico. Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Dropping her music and her bag, she grabbed the terrified man from underneath his arms and instructed the other two men to help her heave him from the tracks.

“I said, ‘One, two, three,’ really loud,” she says.

Together the trio pulled the man up onto the platform to safety – as the train careened to a stop minutes later.

Lucky to be alive, the man “had broken his foot and cut his arms,” says Errico. “I had blood all over me.”

Another Good Samaritan helped her wash the blood off using a bottle of water from Errico’s bag as bystanders waited with the man for EMTs and police to arrive.

The man was taken to a local hospital, say police. He is expected to recover fully.

Melissa Errico

Shrugging off her life-saving heroics, Errico simply says, “I’m a mom. Who better to save a life than a mom? I had the energy and jumped in to help this guy. I completed the chain. People do bigger things than that every day.”

Career-wise, Errico has some big things coming up herself.

On Labor Day, she will sing the National Anthem at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament, where her husband, tennis star Patrick McEnroe, will be among the commentators for ESPN.

A singer known for her solo renditions of Stephen Sondheim songs, Errico met with her vocal coach on Wednesday to review the four new tracks she recorded for the upcoming re-release of her 2011 album, Legrand Affair Deluxe Edition.

Produced by the late Phil Ramone, the symphonic album features songs written by the late film composer Michel Legrand and will include the last song the legendary French film composer wrote with Alan and Marilyn Bergman.

A contributor to The New York Times, Errico’s next essay about the highs and lows of life in the arts will appear on Sunday.

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