See Bill Nighy, Anya Taylor-Joy and 'Emma.' Cast Hilariously Retell the Film in 60 Seconds

Emma. is now in theaters

The latest retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma. is one for the books.

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip of the period film, the movie’s cast hilariously attempts to recount a quick summary of the movie which follows Anya Taylor-Joy in the lead role as the “rich” and “precocious” young woman.

“She fancies herself the best matchmaker around,” Callum Turner, who stars as Emma’s love interest Frank Churchill, says in the clip.

Adds Bill Nighy, who plays Mr. Woodhouse, “But she has what we now call: Control issues.”

Anya Taylor-Joy
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But when a new girl, Harriet Smith, arrives in Emma’s town she finds herself delighted at finding the “perfect candidate” for her “next project,” Turner, 30, says.

“As more characters come into Emma’s purview, she commits an unfortunate social misstep,” Taylor-Joy says.

In a hilarious bit, Nighy, 70, tries to reveal a key detail in the film, only to rethink the decision.

“It’s only in the last little bit, oh but no I mustn’t tell you that,” he says. “Somebody’s shouting, they say I shouldn’t tell you because… it’s a spoiler.”

Taylor-Joy, 23, told People NOW in February, “I kind of feel like I got kidnapped by the movie because I got a phone call one day that just said please don’t take any other projects because we have something for you but they didn’t tell me what it was. the next day they flew the director in to meet me and she said, ‘It’s Emma.'”

She continued, “And then we were filming it, so it was really fast. But I’m kind of glad that it went that way because otherwise, I would’ve had too much time to freak out.”

Taylor-Joy said the cast of the film was “incredible,” adding, “getting the opportunity to play with everyone every day was great.”

Emma. is now in theaters.

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