Nigel Parry
April 20, 2016 04:50 PM

Bill Murray is officially one of Adele‘s “daydreamers.”

The Jungle Book actor, 65, confessed his love for the British songstress during an interview with Esquire magazine and explained how his sons helped get him hooked.

“I became a fan when I was driving my sons to school,” he said. “I had Adele on, and I look in the rearview mirror and all three of my sons are in the back singing. And I’m thinking, ‘What the hell touched these guys?’ So I started singing it myself after I dropped them off.”

Murray even went to see the “Hello” singer in concert, and joked about her hilariously candid onstage banter with the audience between songs.

“She’s really funny. She sings these songs and people are just bathing themselves in tears. They’re just crying and weeping over the way she sings the songs,” he explained.

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“And then she goes [impersonating Adele], ‘So glad that you’re still here. I mean, I had the s—- last night, and it was like all over my sheets, all over me panties and me jammies.’ It’s like, ‘What?’ ”

“This is the way she talks in between songs. People are just gobsmacked by it, because you don’t see it coming. And then she goes [impersonating Adele], ‘Oh, here’s a song. I hope I don’t f— this up ’cause of my drinking.’ And then she goes back to singing, and you’re completely spellbound.”

Murray added that he ran into another famous face while at the concert: none other than Donald Trump. “There Trump is at the Adele concert, rolling in the deep with the guys muscling him down the hall,” he remembered.

“And I go, ‘Hey, how ya doin’?’ He says, ‘When this is all over, we’re gonna get together and we’re gonna play some golf.’ ”

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