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When You Look at This Picture of a Crying Child, Do You See Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?

Jeff Vespa/WireImage; Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Reasons My Son Is Crying” is just that: A list of photos and reasons that Greg Pembroke’s children (and the children of others!) are bawling.

But as great as his blog is, it’s an older post from the site that’s attracting attention on the internet recently — for a bit of an odd reason. Quite simply, people are very confused as to whether Bill Murray or Tom Hanks is starring in this picture of a submitter’s son bawling at a golf tournament in Scotland.

Take another look.

It could be either, right? We’re kind of in a “what color is this dress” scenario here, wherein we admit that each of us lives in an entirely subjective world of our own creation, governed by the processes that transmit external data into internal experience, processes that we have little or no cognitive control over.

No, but it is Bill Murray. Murray’s known for rocking a bucket hat at most times, and the boy’s mother confirmed it in a later post.

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But life really is a subjective reality, don’t worry. We’re all just miniature VR machines covered in skin hurtling through the endless void on a big hunk of rock.

Happy Monday.