Bill Hader Helped Create BB-8 s Voice in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' !

Bill Hader confirms he was a voice consultant for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Bill Hader is the droid we’ve been looking for!

The Saturday Night Live alum and Trainwreck star has been outed as helping to create the voice for the lovable BB-8 droid – the one that looks like a volleyball you’ve probably seen rolling around toy stores.

Hader’s role in the film (he’s officially listed as a “vocal consultant”) wasn’t some big secret. In fact, word began to spread after one observant reporter from Hitfix spotted Hader’s name in the credits.

When asked what being a “vocal consultant” actually entails, Hader told Hitfix at the premiere, “J.J. [Abrams] f—— around with this sound effects app on his iPad that was attached to a talk box operated by me.”

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The Inside Out voice actor added, “It looked ridiculous but it made BB-8’s voice.”

Hader, a master impressionist, originally planned to use his own voice to make the robotic noises but eventually decided against it. “At first I tried doing a voice, but we all agreed it sounded too human,” he explained.

But Hader wasn’t the only actor to help out – House of Lies star Ben Schwartz, 34, also worked as a vocal consultant for the character too. He tweeted on Wednesday: “Quite possibly the hardest and coolest secret I’ve ever had to keep. BB8 voice over consultant” and added that it had been “a very fun day of finally being able to tell my friends the news.”

Listen for Schwartz and Hader’s handy work when The Force Awakens hits theaters Dec. 18.

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