Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Spielberg previously worked together on the 2011 drama film, War Horse

Who knew that Steven Spielberg could be so interested in farts?

While appearing virtually on The Late Late Show on Thursday evening, Benedict Cumberbatch chatted with host James Corden about a time when he and the famed director, 74, bonded over a fart game while on the set of their 2011 drama film, War Horse.

Speaking about the "very funny" application that he said is composed of "all these different farts," from a "very amusingly labeled list," the Doctor Strange star, 44, mimicked some of the fart sounds for Corden, 42. These included, "The Back Door Classic" and "Oh Gosh, Is That a Wet One?".

Cumberbatch then detailed his "joyous moment" using the app with Spielberg.

According to Cumberbatch, he was on the set of the war film using the app and playing a game where he had to match up the fart sounds to a specific color, when Spielberg asked him what he was doing and inquired about trying the game himself.

"Myself and Tom Hiddleston — who was in the film — were on the floor crying with laughter," Cumberbatch said. "Steven Spielberg was getting really riled ... It went on far too long."

Benedict Cumberbatch
Credit: The Late Late Show with James Corden

During his Late Late Show appearance, Cumberbatch and Corden also reminisced about the actor's last appearance on the late-night show, when they played a game of dodgeball together with an array of other famous faces.

There, Cumberbatch played on Team UK with Corden as they went up against Michelle Obama and Team USA.

After Corden shared a clip from the game where Cumberbatch sent a ball directly into the former first lady's midriff, the actor reminisced on the moment, sharing, "I have never been more embarrassed in my life."

"I may have sort of casually glanced away, little did I know the full strength of my arm releasing that ball would send it into her midriff," Cumberbatch said.

But as Corden — who was team captain — noted, he was "thrilled" to see his player achieve the feat. "When it's Britain v. America, that's what you need. The Cumberbatch!" he joked.