Model-Off! Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Strike Their Best 'Zoolander' Pose in Rome Shop Window

The two had an old-fashioned model-off as they tried to do their best mannequin impressions while promoting Zoolander 2 in the Rome, Italy

Photo: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty

Who needs mannequins when you can have Derek Zoolander?

Valentino got a new “Blue Steel”-themed window display on Sunday when Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson struck a pose in the label’s storefront in Rome dressed as their memorable Zoolander characters.

The two had an old-fashioned model-off as they tried to do their best mannequin impressions while promoting the upcoming Zoolander 2 in Italy. From Zoolander’s signature Blue Steel pose to his partner in crime Hansel McDonald’s take on martial arts moves, the two held nothing back as they tried to outmodel each other inside the designer boutique.

Of course Zoolander couldn’t pass up the opportunity to flaunt their skills on his Instagram account.

“Me and Hansel are back modeling again and it’s literally stopping traffic,” he captioned the clip of them modeling. “So we may need to stop again really really soon.”

Stiller, 50, looked dapper in a khaki suit covered in butterflies, paired with navy camouflage-print shirt. To keep with his character’s chic look, he accessorized his outfit with a pair of sunglasses.

Wilson, 47, went for a more casual yet daring look in a yellow jacket with a Hawaiian print shirt underneath. He topped things off a gray beanie, keeping his long blond locks out of his face as he struck several animal-inspired poses.

Their costar, Penélope Cruz, couldn’t help but Instagram the comedic moment, posting a picture of them in the window front.

“Where are you, Derek? I am still waiting,” she captioned the photo, originally written in Spanish.

Their hilarious stunt comes just one day after the cast stepped out for fan screening of the highly anticipated film. Along with Stiller and Wilson, Justin Theroux, Will Ferrell and Christine Taylor walked the red carpet at the Hotel De Russie Garden on Saturday.

The group signed autographs and snapped a few photos at the screening where massive posters of Zoolander and Hansel were set up.

The crew moved on to their next location on Monday, making a stop in Spain to visit the one of the most popular soccer clubs in the world: Real Madrid.

The model proved to be a many of many talents when he showed off his soccer, modeling and juggling skills all at once.

Decked out in athletic wear, hee juggled three soccer balls all while making his best “Blue Steel” face.

The crew has been busily promoting the film these last few weeks. Before going to in Rome and Madrid, they made stops in Sydney, Australia, and Paris, France – and each stop has only gotten funnier than the last.

On Sunday, Stiller also live-tweeted watching the original Zoolander movie, chatting about a wide range of topics including behind-the-scene secrets, who veered off-script while filming, and how to treat model-related injuries.

The chat also took a more solemn turn when fans noticed the late David Bowie in the film.

“R.I.P David Bowie,” wrote one fan.

“Can’t believe David Bowie actually did this,” tweeted Stiller. “We were all in shock.”

The Zoolander cast has been on a promo tour in the past few weeks. Before arriving in Rome this past weekend, they made stops in Sydney, Australia and Paris, France – with each stop more hilarious than the last.

In Sydney, Stiller posed alongside Heidi Klum as they gave their best Blue Steel pose, and in Paris, he made use of his selfie stick while touring around with Theroux.

Zoolander 2 hits theaters Feb. 12.

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