Ben Affleck is working on being "the man I want to be" for his three kids with ex-wife Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck wants to be the best dad he can be for his kids amid his road to recovery.

The Oscar winner, 47, stars in The Way Back, a movie about a high school coach struggling to put his life back together as he battles alcoholism and a failed marriage. The role hit home for Affleck, who has been honest about his own battle with alcohol addiction.

After stints in rehab and a recent relapse, the actor told Diane Sawyer on Thursday’s episode of Good Morning America that he’s still getting through the pain of his addiction — and how it has affect his kids with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

“Divorce is very painful and alcoholism is very painful. They just are. If there’s something that your child is suffering, that’s a level of pain that is just not easily gotten past, not easily forgiven, not easily forgotten. It’s hard,” Affleck said of the effect of his relapses on his three kids — daughters Violet, 14, and Seraphina, 11, and son Samuel, 7.

“I’m doing my very, very best and I hope that that is— it has to be good enough. I have to, I don’t really have a choice. I have to be the man I want to be at this point, I don’t have any more room for failure of that kind,” he added.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck
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Affleck also addressed his recent relapse, in which he was seen apparently intoxicated outside a Halloween party. Video of the incident ended up on TMZ, which Affleck said he watched a portion of.

“I really don’t want my children to pay for my sins. Or to be afraid for me, which is one of the hard parts of being the child of an alcoholic. You think, ‘What if my dad gets drunk? What if he does something stupid? What if he ends up on TMZ and is on my newsfeed and other kids see it?’ ” he said.

He addressed the relapse in a New York Times profile earlier this week: “Relapse is embarrassing, obviously. I wish it didn’t happen. I really wish it wasn’t on the internet for my kids to see. Jen and I did our best to address it and be honest.”

The Way Back opens in theaters March 27.