By Jodi Guglielmi
October 11, 2016 07:26 AM


Don’t let his latest role fool you: Ben Affleck is no math whiz — just ask his kids.

Despite playing a math genius in his latest film The Accountant, Affleck, 44, says he’s still not qualified to help his three children with their homework.

“I was already so unqualified for that, I couldn’t sink any lower,” the actor told reporters at The Accountant premiere in Los Angeles on Monday. “I’m still keeping up with the fifth grade, we’ll see. Come the sixth grade we’ll see how well I do.”

In the R-rated thriller, Affleck plays an accountant named Chris, a math genius with a mysterious set of special skills who also happens to have autism.

“I did a lot of research with people on the spectrum of autism, trying to get inspiration from them, and hear the truth of their condition, what their life was like, as I try and tell a story that reflected their reality,” he said of preparing for the role.


The Accountant hits theaters Oct. 14.

  • Reporting by REAGAN ALEXANDER