Affleck was able to connect with and help a terminally ill Batman fan on Thursday
Credit: JB Lacroix/ WireImage

Ben Affleck answered the Bat signal Thursday to make a young fan’s dream come true.

Although the actor, 45, is currently filming Triple Frontier in Hawaii, he was able to connect with 11-year-old Mukuta via FaceTime. In a photo shared by Atlanta Hospice, you can see Mukuta, a refugee from the Congo dying from cancer, speaking with Affleck via the video call.

“This call lifted M’s spirit so much he asked to leave the facility to go to Target for a new outfit — so they took him!” a source from the hospital tells PEOPLE of Makuta’s reaction to speaking with Affleck. “It has been an amazing week and the dramatic uplift in spirit of M and his family has been fun to witness.”

Affleck took the superheroics one step further and offered to help fly Mukuta’s mother from Zimbabwe to Atlanta to be with her son during this difficult time.

The actor was initially made aware of Mukuta’s grave condition via a Tweet from his nurses at Atlanta Hospice, which actor Zachary Levi saw and retweeted with hope for some “caped crusading” from Affleck. The actor has played Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne in Batman v. Superman, Justice League, plus a cameo in Suicide Squad. Levi later posted his public support of Affleck’s kind gesture.

Affleck has long been a supporter of the refugees from the Congo. In 2010 he founded the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), the first U.S.-based advocacy and grant-making initiative wholly focused on the mission of helping the people of eastern Congo support local community-based approaches that create a sustainable and successful society in the long-troubled region.