Rohrbach also talks getting bathing suit-ready for Baywatch and SI Swim

By Brianne Tracy
May 24, 2017 04:34 PM

When it comes to dating, Baywatch star Kelly Rohrbach says funny guys finish first.

“I think humor is the best thing to impress a girl,” Rohrbach, 27, tells PEOPLE Now. “Everybody loves to laugh, so to be with somebody who makes you laugh all the time — what a treat.”

Much like the real Rohrbach, her character in the 2017 big-screen reboot of the syndicated TV classic (C.J. Parker) has a sweet spot for a guy who makes her laugh.

In the film, Parker falls for pudgy lifeguard-in-training Ronnie (Jon Bass) — even if that wasn’t originally the plot.

“When I met Jon he impressed me so much with his comedy, and he was so funny and likable,” she explains. “It was originally written that [Ronnie and C.J.] didn’t end up together, and she was kind of cold towards him. I was like, ‘If Jon brings this energy to Ronnie, I don’t see how anybody could deny that.’ ”

As an actress and Sports Illustrated model in the public eye, it’s no surprise that Rohrbach has had to deal with her fair share of dating rumors — but says she simply brushes it off as “silly stuff.”

“I think people just make news to make news,” she continues, explaining, “It was a huge thing that I got hacked, but I never got hacked.”

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Rohrbach also revealed which of her major projects — Baywatch or Sports Illustrated — was more challenging in terms of getting bikini-ready.

“Probably Baywatch, because you have to maintain [your body] for the whole course of shooting. For Sports Illustrated, two weeks before you crank it out and then you’re done. You shoot and have a piece of pizza,” she says. “Baywatch? Not so much. They call cut and you’re like, ‘I have to do that all over again. Back to the gym, and back to the salads.’ ”

She continues: “But it was so worth it, and being in that good of shape helped us to get in the mindset of our characters because these guys are elite lifeguards.”

Baywatch is in theaters now.