The trio let the swear words fly while accepting the female stars of the year honor at CinemaCon

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd and Mark Gray
Updated April 15, 2016 01:05 PM
Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Mila Kunis, Christina Applegate and Kristen Bell aren’t actually terrible parents – but they sure put on a good show.

The stars of the upcoming comedy Bad Moms gave the audience the one-finger salute Thursday while accepting the female stars of the year award at CinemaCon – and let the expletives fly with their kids safely out of earshot.

“We are so honored to get the fresh faces of tomorrow award,” Applegate, 44, said, in mock-confusion about the award they received alongside costar Annie Mumolo.

“We’re not fresh faces. No, it’s been 20 years since you were a fresh face,” Kunis, 32, jabbed.

“I feel pretty fresh right now, Mila. Anyway, f— you,” Applegate retorted.

Meanwhile, Bell, 35, proved Bad Moms is not for the Frozen set as she explained that the group “had an absurd amount of fun making this movie, maybe too much.”

“It’s quite a perverted film,” she continued. “Don’t bring the kids. It’s not a children’s movie.”

“Bring the kids,” Kunis said provokingly.

“Bring your kids. I don’t f—ing care,” Bell replied.

Added Applegate: “F— your kids.”

Later, the group seemingly called a truce and agreed on one thing: costar Jada Pinkett Smith is a better mother than the rest.

“We’re missing Jada,” said Bell. “She couldn’t be here because she’s being a badass mom and she’s with her kids tonight.”

“We’re not,” Kunis pointed out bluntly.

And with that, the women raised their middle fingers to the sky before making their way off the stage.

Bad Moms opens in theaters on Oct. 6.