None of the 'Avengers' Are Safe from the Hate in the Latest Round of Mean Tweets — Watch

The stars of Avengers: Infinity War may be still riding the high of their monumental opening weekend, but leave it to Jimmy Kimmel's latest roundup of "Mean Tweets" to remind them of the haters

Even the Star-Lord isn’t safe from being mercilessly trolled.

The cast of Avengers: Infinity War may be still riding the high of their monumental opening weekend, but leave it to Jimmy Kimmel‘s latest roundup of “Mean Tweets” to remind them of the haters.

From the safety of their computers and phones, Twitter users didn’t hold back in sending some profanity-laced smack to actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston.

“Benedict Cumberbatch always looks like he’s had an allergic reaction to bad shrimp,” the actor, who portrays Doctor Strange, read. Luckily, Cumberbatch had a sense of humor about the insult, cracking up before he even got to the end.

Hiddleston’s looks also came under fire in a tweet that said he was “so f—— ugly why is no one acknowledging this?”

There were some harsh correlations between stars and animals, including one tweet that took aim at Samuel L. Jackson.

“Also while I’m comparing old men to reptiles, ever notice that Samuel L. Jackson looks like a snapping turtle,” the actor said as an image of the animal popped up on the screen.

Don Cheadle was called a “mix between a beetle, a muskrat and a roach” while Anthony Mackie was not amused by a post comparing him to “a bug with buck teeth.” Still, both may be better than a jab at Sebastian Stan saying he looked like a potato.


Even Chris Pratt and Chris Evans were not immune to some internet hate.

Cracking up, Evans read, “Perhaps Chris Evans is in truth a great actor, but he plays Captain America like a big dumb hunk of s—.”

And Pratt’s diss was simple and to the point: “If I said it once, I said it 600 times. Chris Pratt is still a p—.”

And as for Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman?

“Okay, how did the coolest blackest dude in the galaxy end up with a white bread a– name like Chadwick,” he said with a big laugh.

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