Who Will Die and Who Will Survive in 'Avengers: Endgame' ? Oddsmakers Make Bets

According to betting network US-Bookies, Captain America is the odds on favorite to die in Avengers: Endgame

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Fans are going wild predicting the outcome of the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame, and oddsmakers are predicting the film could be the end for Captain America.

According to betting intelligence network US-Bookies, Chris Evans‘ longtime Avenger is given even odds to survive the upcoming battle with Thanos, which is sure to break fan’s hearts. Scarlett Johansson, meanwhile, has to best shot of the original six Avengers to make it out of Endgame alive, with 10/1 odds to be killed for Johansson’s Black Widow.

As fans learned in Avengers: Infinity War, any character can be killed at any instance, and according to US-Bookies analyst Alex Donohue, “the Avengers will have a tough go at it” in the upcoming film against Thaonos, and Thanos may just make it out alive.

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“Thanos’ odds of surviving are far more likely at 1/5 than being killed by the Avengers,” Donohue adds. While the data has Captain America as most at risk of perishing of the heroes, Thor and Iron Man follow closely behind with 2/1 and 5/1 odds to die, respectively.

However, Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye and Mark Ruffalo‘s Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk) seem to be relatively safe from death, sitting at an 8/1 odds to be killed, followed only by Black Widow.

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The predictions of Captain America’s death isn’t a shock, as Chris Evans all but confirmed his departure from the star-spangled hero after 8 years in an Instagram post in October. However, no other cast members have confirmed their departures, so the their futures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be riding solely on the final battle against Thanos.

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Despite potentially a bad ending for earth’s mightiest heroes, Endgame seems poised to destroy the box office, with Donohue adding, “With an over/under of $270 million (1/2 over, 6/4 under) the film may just have the best worldwide opening weekend of all time.”

Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters on April 26.

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