Asia Argento revealed she had an open relationship with late boyfriend Anthony Bourdain
Credit: Asia Argento/Twitter

Asia Argento is tearfully opening up for the first time about the moment she found out her boyfriend Anthony Bourdain had died — and discussing intimate details of their relationship.

The Italian actress faced backlash shortly after the beloved chef’s death for pictures showing her getting close with a journalist friend in the days before Bourdain was found dead by suicide. Argento used the opportunity of speaking with DailyMailTV to tell her side of the story.

“People say I murdered him. They say I killed him,” she said through tears in the interview. “People need to think that he killed himself for something like this? He had cheated on me too. It wasn’t a problem for us. He was a man who traveled 265 days a year. When we saw each other we took really great pleasure in each other’s company. But we are not children. We are grown ups.”

She continued, “Anthony was 62, I was 42. We had lives, we had wives and husbands, we had children. I cannot think of Anthony as somebody who would do an extreme gesture like this for something like that.”

Argento tearfully explained that she initially felt angry after learning Bourdain had been found dead of suicide.

“I was angry [at him], yes, for abandoning me, my kids,” the Italian actress, 42, tearfully remarked. “But now it’s been replaced just by this loss, this hole, that cannot be filled by anything.”

She also shared that “the anger kept me alive, because otherwise this desperation has no end.”

Bourdain and Argento began dating after meeting during the filming of his CNN show Parts Unknown in 2016. Prior to their relationship, Argento was married to director Michele Civetta. They have one child together, Nicola Giovanna, born in 2008. She also has another child, Anna Lou Castoldi, 17, with musician Marco Castoldi.

Bourdain also has an 11-year-old daughter Ariane, to whom he left the majority of his $1.21 million fortune.