Asia Argento's accuser Jimmy Bennett was once accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend


Asia Argento‘s accuser Jimmy Bennett was once accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend.

Bennett’s ex-girlfriend filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against the actor in July 2015, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

A judge granted the petition until a scheduled court hearing in August 2015, but it was dismissed after both parties failed to appear in court, PEOPLE confirms.

In her request to obtain the temporary restraining order, his ex-girlfriend — also an actress — wrote she had gone to the Los Angeles Police Department in the spring of 2014 seeking to “press charges against Jimmy Bennett” for alleged unlawful sex with a minor and child pornography. The LAPD could not confirm a complaint was taken, according to The Daily Beast.

The actress was 18 when she filed and Bennett was 19. His attorney, Gordon Sattro, did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

In her request, the ex-girlfriend wrote, “The main reason I feel I need the restraining order is because Jimmy threatened me saying he would come after me if I got back with my old boyfriend. My old boyfriend and I are back together and I’m worried for my safety.”

She continued, writing Bennett “talked me into having sex with him” when she was 17 and he was 18. She also alleged he was “stalking” her by “constantly texting and calling” and “uninvitedly and frequently stopping by my apartment to let me know he was there and wanted to see me.”

Bennett allegedly “manipulated” her into sending nude photos of herself that “caused me emotional harm by leaking them via Snapchat,” according to the court documents.

Jimmy Bennett, Asia Argento
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The actor has been at the center of separate sexual assault allegations. In a report by The New York Times, he claimed Argento sexually assaulted him in 2013 at a California hotel room two months after he turned 17. (In California, 18 is the age of consent.)

The actor claimed in the documents that Argento kissed him before performing oral sex on him and engaging in intercourse at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, California, according to the Times. Argento agreed to pay him $380,000, the newspaper reported.

In the texts released by TMZ, Argento allegedly denied knowing Bennett was a minor until he contacted her and Bourdain last fall following her public accusations against Harvey Weinstein. She also allegedly said she “felt weird” after the two had sex and pointed out that the legal age of consent is 15 in France and Italy.

“The public knows nothing, only what NYT wrote. Which is one-sided,” she allegedly wrote in the text, according to TMZ. “The horny kid jumped me.”

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Earlier this month, Argento’s attorney Mark Jay Heller told PEOPLE Bennett was the one to initiate the sexual contact between the two, claiming Argento was “literally attacked by him.”

Sattro denied the allegations on behalf of Bennett telling PEOPLE in a statement, “This situation has escalated due to Asia’s offensive and dismissive interpretation of this situation in whole… We read this statement as a self-serving and slanderous one which is offensive, not only to my client but in all likelihood to victims both silent and outspoken, everywhere,” the statement read. “It would seem that Asia is implying that her truth is the actual truth because of her perceived position in this all too important movement and a delusional view of her own importance to it.”

The statement continued, “It should be made clear that Asia’s attacks on my client’s character have no bearing on the events that took place on May 9, 2013, and the statements in her most recent letter are seemingly crafted with the intent to intimidate, shame, and insult our client back into silence. This is a familiar tactic which has been criticized by the #MeToo movement repeatedly over the past year. In Hollywood, the one thing that has never and will never be condoned, or tolerated, is the abuse of child actors.”