Ashton Kutcher accidentally hit a fan with his car on Tuesday — but the only thing the teenager wanted was a photograph with the actor
Credit: Leo Marenghi/Instagram

Ashton Kutcher hit a fan with his car on Tuesday — but the only thing the teenager wanted was a photograph with the actor.

Leo Marenghi, 19, tells PEOPLE he was shocked in more ways than one when he was struck by a car as he rode his scooter through Los Angeles to pick up the children he babysits from school.

“I was picking them up from school and I was riding a scooter when Ashton was pulling out of Sunset Bronson Studios,” Marenghi says, describing Kutcher’s car as a black Tesla.

“I was on the floor and when I got up he was getting out of his car,” the 19-year-old tells PEOPLE. “He was really nice about it and acted concerned. He asked me if I was okay and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Can I get a picture with you?'”

A rep for Kutcher did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Leo Marenghi’s injury after Ashton Kutcher accidentally hit him with his Tesla
| Credit: Leo Marenghi/Instagram

Marenghi says Kutcher was “shocked” he only wanted a photograph but the teenager insisted that was all he wanted.

“I don’t intend to go after him [legally]. I feel like it was kind of my fault because I was on a scooter and it was hard to see me,” Marenghi said. “I just feel like that would be trashy.”

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He says a security guard who witnessed the incident took photos of him and the actor.

Leo Marenghi and Ashton Kutcher
| Credit: Leo Marenghi/Instagram

“I immediately called my sister and my mom. Luckily I took a photo with him otherwise they wouldn’t have believed me!” Marenghi says.

As for how he is recovering, Marenghi says he “woke up feeling worse” than the day before but is “still alright.”

He shared photos of the encounter and his injury on Instagram, writing in the caption, “Got hit by a car today…
But it’s ok because it was by Ashton Kutcher.🤷🏻‍♂️.”