Armie Hammer Shares Video of Himself Golfing in the Cayman Islands as He Says World Is 'Ruled by Chaos'

Armie Hammer shared a video of himself on Instagram while golfing and drinking beer in the Cayman Islands where he and his family are social distancing

armie hammer
Armie Hammer. Photo: armie hammer/instagram

Armie Hammer's social distancing involves beer and a picturesque golf course.

The actor, 33, shared a video of himself on Instagram on Saturday in which he slowly comes into view of the camera shirtless and sporting red and blue striped pool shorts.

Hammer makes a show of chugging his beer while holding his golf club. As he finishes his drink, he tosses the can off-camera and turns to survey the course.

"When the world is ending but you already have come to terms with the fact that this current time is ruled by chaos...," Hammer wrote in the caption of his video.

Hammer celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary to his wife Elizabeth Chambers Hammer last month.

The entrepreneur and journalist shared a sweet tribute to her husband on Instagram while also posting photos from their wedding day and of themselves with their two kids, daughter Harper, 5; and son Ford, 3.

"TEN years married, twelve together, thirteen years as best friends. Happy Anniversary, my love," Elizabeth, 37, wrote in the caption.

She continued, "I’m beyond grateful for you, this decade, our family and the dreamiest Friday night anniversary sunset. And thank you to Hopsey’s friend, 6-year-old, Sophie who was at the beach and captured this moment. ❤️"

In April, Elizabeth revealed she, her husband and their kids have been staying in the Cayman Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea, amid the coronavirus.

The mother of two explained they hadn’t planned to stay there but due to the growing number of cases of coronavirus worldwide, she and the actor decided the best plan was to stay and avoid travel. (Armie’s family moved to the Cayman Islands when he was 7 where they lived for five years.)

Elizabeth shared a selfie of herself in a grocery store on Instagram.

“We’re currently quarantined in the Caymans, which wasn’t planned when we left LA 5 weeks ago for nyc for previews of @minutesbway,” Elizabeth wrote. “Due to travel restrictions, school closures and the fact that we were planning to be here with our extended family two weeks later for spring break, we made this decision for the health and safety of our family. But none of that is the point…I just know this is a very sensitive time and emotions are heightened, so felt the need to explain.”

“The point is…the government here seems to be handling this entire situation extremely well,” she continued. “There are strict curfews, lockdowns and visitation to essential businesses are only allowed on certain days based on the first letter of your last name. And it seems to be working.”

“There are no lines or crowding and when I asked the cashier if they have been busy/overwhelmed on the weekends, she said that it’s never very busy and no lines because of the mandates,” she wrote. “I’ve received messages from a few people saying that local grocery stores on the east coast have implemented one-way aisles and @birdbakery we’re using tape on the floor as a guideline for social distancing if guests must enter.”

She added, “How are your local businesses and grocery stores finding the balance between social distancing and customer demand? Please share and stay safe (and home when possible)! ❤️.”

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