Antonio Banderas Shows Off Dancing Skills as He Teaches Conan O'Brien 'A Chorus Line' Choreography

The Spanish actor recently performed in a production of A Chorus Line at his new theater in Spain

Antonio Banderas can do it all!

While appearing on Monday night’s episode of Conan, the Pain and Glory star showed off some dance moves after opening up about buying a theater in his hometown of Málaga, Spain.

“That’s a dream that I had for like 20 years, because I am an actor because of theater, not because of the movies,” Banderas said of purchasing the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank. “The movies became an accident.”

“An accident of 112 movies I must say,” he joked. “But theater was my beginning as an actor.”

“Theater is beautiful because no matter how technology advances in the future, it’s just about you [the actor] and them [the audience],” the Spy Kids star continued. “There is nothing in the middle … It just belongs to your memories.”

Antonio Banderas Teaches Conan Choreography From "A Chorus Line"

When asked by host Conan O’Brien whether the new theater had put on any productions yet, Banderas said that they officially opened with the Broadway classic A Chorus Line in November.

“I co-directed and I played, Zach,” the actor told the host, who appeared surprised to hear that the 59-year-old also participated in the musical’s iconic dance numbers.

“Absolutely I did,” Banderas told O’Brien. “I would like to show you.”

The Oscar-nominated actor then showed off his dance moves for O’Brien and even attempted to teach the host a bit of choreography from the classic show.

“I just tore my groin,” the host joked after attempting some high kicks with Banderas.

“You have to be in amazing shape to do that,” he added. “I just did that for four seconds and had several strokes.”

Antonio Banderas Teaches Conan Choreography From "A Chorus Line"
Antonio Banderas and Conan O’Brien.

Banderas admitted that the actors in the show are required “by contract” to exercise for an hour and a half every day before the performance.

“It’s obligated,” he told the host. “Contractually, you have to do that. So everybody is really, really fit.”

So fit that Banderas — who suffered a heart attack in January 2017 — said he lost nearly 20 lbs. from performing in the musical.

Antonio Banderas
Steve Granitz/WireImage

The actor is now preparing to attend the 92nd Academy Awards on Sunday, where he is nominated for his first Oscar.

Banderas is in the running for best actor for his role as Salvador Mallo in the Pedro Almodóvar-directed film Pain and Glory.

The Spanish actor recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, telling the outlet that the nomination felt extra special for him.

“I have been working here for almost 23 years, and I never was nominated for a movie that I did in English, but they do it for the movie that I do in Spanish,” he said. “It’s important because it’s a recognition to my community.”

He continued, “The fact that there were a number of people coming here many years ago, generations ago, in need from countries that were in political problems, economical problems, social problems. They came over here, they worked very hard, their kids went to universities, they’re architects, they’re doctors or lawyers or politicians or movie directors or actors. So, Hollywood had to have that reflection on that, and so it’s important to me, it’s important for the community.”

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