Antonio Banderas stayed overnight at an England hospital earlier this month

Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/FilmMagic

Antonio Banderas was hospitalized in the U.K. earlier this month after suffering chest pains, PEOPLE can confirm.

The 56-year-old actor was rushed to St. Peter’s Hospital in Surrey, outside of London, on January 19 and discharged, a hospital spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

His rep says, “We can confirm that last Thursday Antonio was admitted to hospital after having experienced chest pain while exercising. However, Antonio was released that same day after doctors performed a check-up which confirmed his good health.”

Contrary to some reports, the episode was not a “major health scare,” according to the rep.

On Monday, Banderas alluded to the hospital visit in an Instagram photo.

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He wrote in Spanish: “Enjoying nature after a little fright. Enjoying nature after a startle. Kisses.”

Banderas posed alongside his girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel, in the shot. The lovebirds wore sunglasses as they stood in front of trees and vibrant green grass.