The answer to which member of the legendary 80s movie-star posse, the Brat Pack, got "laid" the most might not surprise you


Was it the jock? Was it the nerd? The answer to which member of the legendary ’80s movie-star posse, The Brat Pack, got “laid” the most might not surprise you: the bad boy.

When Andy Cohen asked Anthony Michael Hall on Watch What Happens Live this week which Brat Pack member was making the most of their fame “back in the day,” Hall didn’t hesitate for long.

“I’ll go with Judd Nelson,” he said.

That wasn’t all Hall had to say about his former castmates during Cohen’s “Plead the Fifth” segment, in which stars can choose to answer risqué questions about their past or invoke their right to silence. On this Brat Pack-themed bit, Cohen prodded Hall about which of his three female contemporaries he would “Shag, Marry, Kill.”

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Among Ally Sheedy, Demi Moore and Molly Ringwald, Hall quickly decided he would marry Moore and “shag” Sheedy. Left with the unsavory answer of offing his former Breakfast Club costar, Hall said, “I love you Molly, but I’d have to kill you.”

Credit: Universal Pictures

The former teen heartthrob is currently starring as Brad Pitt‘s right-hand man in the Netflix dramedy War Machine, based on members of the U.S. military during the war in Afghanistan. Hall’s character, Major General Greg Pulver, was actually based on the quickly ousted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Watch What Happens Live airs weeknights on Bravo at 11 p.m. War Machine is available for streaming on Netflix now.