Anthony Hopkins Courts Oscar Buzz as a Man Struggling with Dementia in The Father: Watch Trailer

Anthony Hopkins stars alongside Olivia Colman as a man struggling to keep reality in order

Anthony Hopkins might just be looking at another Oscar nomination with his latest film.

The iconic actor, 82, plays Anthony, a charming man struggling to keep events — and people — in line as he deals with dementia in The Father. The first trailer shows how the cheery older man goes from happy with his daughter Anne, played by fellow Oscar winner Olivia Colman, to doubting the reality of his life.

After the two attend a session with a doctor together and Anne hires a nurse to look after her father, the older man suddenly becomes confused as someone, who is not Anne, comes home and says she is in fact his daughter.

"Strange things going on around us," he tells the new woman.

But when he later sees Colman's Ann again, he seems cold towards her.

"Saw it in his eyes, didn't know who I was. It was like I was a stranger to him," Ann tells her husband. "It just did something to me."

The Father
Olivia Colman as Anne, Anthony Hopkins as Anthony. Sony Pictures Classics

The next scene shows Anthony getting very upset and saying he won't leave his flat, right after another scene shows him doubting whether it's his apartment at all.

"There's something funny going on," the older man says at the end of the trailer, after various scenes show him confusing events.

Hopkins is earning rave reviews for his performance in the movie, which is screening at the virtual Toronto International Film Festival months after debuting at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The actor has picked up five Oscar nominations in his lifetime, including his win for Best Actor in 1992 for Silence of the Lamb.

He was most recently nominated for Best Supporting Actor earlier this year for Neflix's The Two Popes, with his other nominations coming in 1994 for The Remains of the Day, 1996 for Nixon and 1998 for Amistad.

The Father is currently set for release in December.

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