"We get it you're hot," a follower commented on one of the 17 selfies

By Claudia Harmata
May 29, 2019 09:35 AM

When you can’t choose one … might as well post them all!

Ansel Elgort “overwhelmed” his followers on Instagram late Tuesday night with a barrage of shirtless selfies — 17 total to be exact.

“Pls, what are you doing, I am overwhelmed, it’s late blink twice if you’re okay,” one follower wrote on his 13th selfie of the night.

Only the first image had a caption, which read, “Is this how the cool kids post now.”

Ansel Elgort/Instagram

There was little time for followers to process as each photo quickly followed the other, flooding their newsfeeds in a span of 10 minutes with Elgort’s pouty face shown from several different angles. One Instagram user wrote, “sir you’re pulling an 80 in a 25 i’m gonna have to ask you to slow down.”

Maybe he was just trying to find his good side? Regardless, many of his friends and fans were quite perplexed by the photo drop. Some even wondered if the Baby Driver star had been hacked.

“Your not hacked right?! This is u posting these photos?” one follower commented on a selfie. Another asked, “are you hacked or something?”

Ansel Elgort/Instagram

Some of his famous friends reacted to his selfie spree as well, with Diplo commenting the “🤦🏼‍♀️” emoji on his 14th photo, and Zoe Kravitz wanting some answers: “dude. what is happening right now? lol.” Elgort’s co-star in Steven Spielberg‘s much-anticipated West Side Story remake, Rachel Zegler thanked him for “blessing” her feed.

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“My entire feed is just your posts thank u for blessing my insomnia buddy,” Zegler wrote on his last selfie.

One follower cared to point out that Elgort’s girlfriend, dancer Violetta Komyshan, “is so lucky.” Supportive as always, Komyshan had a favorite out of all of the photos, commenting “I think this one is the best but they’re all pretty good tbh,” on his 15th selfie of the night.

But one follower said what we were all thinking: “We get it you’re hot,” they wrote.