The singer/songwriter hopes to honor slain war correspondent Marie Colvin with her new song from A Private War

November 09, 2018 10:45 AM

Annie Lennox’s first new original song in eight years packs a powerful inspirational punch.

The motivation behind her new track, “Requiem for a Private War,” is to honor slain war correspondent Marie Colvin, whose life, work and tragic death are the subject of the new film A Private War starring Rosamund Pike as Colvin.

“I had the privilege of meeting Marie twice and I knew that Marie was very, very committed to rights of women and girls,” Lennox, 63, reveals in an exclusive featurette about her song, which also includes footage from the film. “I got an email with the request to write a song.”

The Eurythmics singer-songwriter explains that she was drawn out of her semi-retirement by Colvin herself.

Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan in A Private War
Paul Conroy / Aviron Pictures

“The brutality of her death, in a place that was full of death and destruction, I was really thinking about the mystery of life,” she says. “And so the first line says, ‘Why do these cold stars burn bright’ and this was from the perspective from an ascendant spirit that has left the material body.”

Lennox hopes that the track, which plays over the closing credits of the film, allows people to embrace the weight of the subject matter.

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“I just want the music to hold people in that emotional space of what they’ve just seen,” she says. “The song for me feels like I personally am able to honor [Colvin], to help carry her message and amplify that message and we have this opportunity with the film.”

Watch the full video above for more from Lennox and the emotionally charged film.

A Private War is now playing in theaters.

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