Why Anne Hathaway Thought Matthew McConaughey Was Mad at Her on 'Serenity' : 'Did I Say Something?'

In PEOPLE's new cover story, Hathaway explains why her costar in Serenity acted a bit cold on set

Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey are good friends who often get their families together to hang out. But the actor didn’t act that way on the set of their latest movie Serenity.

Instead, Hathaway, 36, tells PEOPLE editor-in-chief Jess Cagle in PEOPLE’s latest cover story, on newsstands Friday, that she arrived on set to find that McConaughey, 49, was acting oddly cold.

“We go out the night before [filming began]. Camila, his wife, is a great pal of mine, and we’re all having a great time,” Hathaway recalls in the latest episode of The Jess Cagle Interview. “So I show up to set, I’m like, ‘Hey, buddy!’ And I got a ‘Hello.’ I’m like, ‘We got kind of drunk, did I say something? Okay, just give him some space.’ Day two: ‘Hey, Matthew!’ ‘Hello.’ I’m like, ‘Should I call Camila?’ ”

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After that, Hathaway couldn’t help herself and asked McConaughey if something was wrong, only to find out how deeply his commitment to his character went.

“Day three I said, ‘Is it me, or is it process?’ He goes, ‘It’s process,’ ” she says. “We would hang out on weekends, get the kids together, barbecue, have a great time. But on-set he was [his character] Baker Dill, and he was pissed at me.”


The two star in the sexy thriller about a woman named Karen (Hathaway) who enlists her ex (McConaughey) to murder her abusive husband (Jason Clarke). Though the movie has gotten mixed reviews from critics, Hathaway posted on Instagram about how much she still loves it.

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“We keep it real around here: some critics get @serenityfilm and, like me, find it interesting, moving, ambitious and different, and for some it just doesn’t work,” she wrote. “That’s cool- there is no failure, only learned events, not everyone has to like everything, and the critical response doesn’t change my feelings about the movie. However, other people’s time and money are not to be taken for granted, so I just want to be clear: I endorse the movie, many critics don’t 😉”

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