Anne Hathaway: 'Tequila Is My Beverage of Choice' Even if 'I Don't Remember' My Favorite Memories Drinking It, She Jokes

"I drink it far more responsibly than I did when I was in my twenties," the actress jokes

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Pick your poison!

In The Intern, Anne Hathaway‘s character holds her own (well, sort of) round after round of tequila shots in a bar with Robert De Niro – but does the actress have any favorite memories indulging herself?

“So many, but I can’t tell you what they are because I don t remember any of them,” the actress told PEOPLE with a laugh at the film’s New York premiere Monday, which she attended with husband Adam Shulman.

“But tequila is my beverage of choice, and I drink it far more responsibly than I did when I was in my twenties.”

On a more serious note, Hathaway, 32 – who plays a young wife, mother and businesswoman who faces some sexism in the start-up community – opened up about her experience with inequality in the entertainment industry.

“Thankfully I don’t feel like I’ve ever been treated any differently because I m a woman, but I do see it reflected in the type of roles that I’m offered, [and] when negotiating salaries it comes up,” she says.

“And when you just look at the landscape, when you hear the statistic that only 30 percent of speaking roles in all films are women, you just go: ‘Okay, well, there’s so much more room for improvement there,” Hathaway adds. “So I think things are probably better than they ever have been, but there’s still many miles to go before we can call ourselves equal.”

The Intern hits theaters Friday.

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