Oscar winner Anne Hathaway stars alongside Matthew McConaughey and Diane Lane in the new dramatic thriller Serenity

Anne Hathaway isn’t letting any negativity get to her.

Hathaway, who stars alongside Matthew McConaughey and Diane Lane in the new thriller Serenity, posted on Instagram addressing the film’s negative reviews. (As of Friday morning, Serenity earned a 21 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.)

“We keep it real around here: some critics get @serenityfilm and, like me, find it interesting, moving, ambitious and different, and for some it just doesn’t work,” Hathaway, 36, wrote on Thursday. “That’s cool- there is no failure, only learned events, not everyone has to like everything, and the critical response doesn’t change my feelings about the movie.”

Serenity stars Hathaway as a woman in an abusive relationship with her wealthy, mob-tied husband (Jason Clarke), who enjoys drinking to excess and fishing. Her ex (McConaughey), with whom she has a videogame-obsessed son, happens to be a fishing boat captain on a small tropical island, so Hathaway’s character comes up with a plan to take her husband out fishing with her ex in hopes that her former flame can leave her new man sleeping with the fishes.

Despite the drama’s less-than-glowing reviews, Hathaway chose to ignore the adversity and stand by her work.

Serenity Unit Stills
McConaughey and Hathaway in Serenity.
| Credit: Graham Bartholomew/Aviron Pictures

“However, other people’s time and money are not to be taken for granted, so I just want to be clear: I endorse the movie, many critics don’t,” the mom to 2-year-old son Jonathan continued on Instagram. “Anyway, wasn’t my @givenchyofficial skirt for the premiere rad”

Serenity is in theaters now.