Anne Hathaway may not be officially attached to the upcoming Mary Poppins remake, but she jokes she's got her sights set on a role in a Trainwreck sequel
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All she needs is an umbrella and some magic!

As soon as Disney announced plans to shoot a new live-action musical film of the classic Mary Poppins, one star’s name quickly popped up as a fan favorite to portray the beloved nanny: Anne Hathaway.

It would only makes sense, too. First, she succeeded Julie Andrews as the Queen of Genovia in Princess Diaries, so naturally she seems like a great bet to fill the legendary star’s shoes as Mary Poppins – chalk it up to basic movie science.

And it looks like Hathaway, 32, has another vote in her corner – from her The Intern costar Robert De Niro, who thinks she would be a “terrific” pick.

“I saw them announce it on television and they mentioned Mary Poppins and I was thinking I said, ‘That’s Annie,’ ” the 72-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight.

So is it a done deal? Not quite. Turns out, the idea of her playing Mary Poppins is news to her.

“Really?!” Hathaway responded. “Cool! No one’s talked to me about it.”

While Hathaway seems all for it, she might have to battle it out with one of her pals to get the gig. Emily Blunt is also rumored to be up for the role. And even Hathaway admits that Blunt might be a bit more qualified right off the bat.

“I feel like she’s going to get it – she’s British,” she said.

While it remains uncertain as to who will give out the next spoonful of sugar, one thing remains certain: Hathaway is petitioning to get herself onboard a possible Trainwreck sequel with Amy Schumer.

“I would love to see me in that. Not gonna lie, that’s just an open-hearted wish!”

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Hathaway has gushed about being a huge fan of Trainwreck – even after it poked fun at the actress’s Oscar etiquette – and Hathaway recently revealed that she has a huge girl crush on Schumer.

Your move, Amy.