The Bride Wars star films a rowdy scene in a Boston-area Chinese restaurant

Spotted: Anne Hathaway swinging from a rail, dancing and taking shots at over-the-top Chinese eatery Kowloon outside of Boston.

But this wasn’t the case of a starlet-gone-wild. Hathaway was working, filming scenes for her comedy Bride Wars, which costars Kate Hudson.

According to Stanley Wong, whose family owns Kowloon, “The scene was very funny. Basically [Hathaway’s character]’s on spring break. She’s getting drunk and basically making a home video.”

The restaurant, a favorite of local sports stars and visiting celebs, is outfitted with palm tree murals and running fountains – and was likely a stand-in for a spring break-like venue. Lauren Birmingham, the restaurant’s rep, tells PEOPLE the scene will be used in the film to sabotage Hathaway’s character who is getting married the same day as her friend (played by Hudson).

But when the cameras stopped rolling, Hathaway was sweet as can be, Wong says. She even posed for a picture with him. Before filming, “she was really quiet,” he says. “And then she really got into the scene!”