Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor play a couple who break up during the pandemic but come up with a heist they believe will solve all their problems in Locked Down

Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor play an estranged couple who become increasingly desperate during the COVID-19 pandemic in the new trailer for Locked Down.

The movie sees the stars as Linda (Hathaway) and Paxton (Ejiofor), a pair who decide to break up only to find themselves stuck with each other during a mandatory lockdown.

While living together proves a challenge, the two come up with a scheme to steal a priceless diamond from the U.K.'s luxury department store, Harrods, to ease their financial concerns.

"You're talking about stealing a diamond," Paxton says. "Three million pounds. Live wild or die, Linda."

Hathaway, 38, spoke to PEOPLE on Monday about the Doug Liman-directed film, saying the experience of making Locked Down during the coronavirus pandemic was "very normal" in some ways and "completely wild" in others.

Locked Down
Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway in Locked Down
| Credit: HBO Max

"The sheer act of making it, of doing something so collaborative and audacious made us all very focused and open — and strangely free," she said. "Like the odds were so against us any way that it made me want to lean into the exhilaration and take risks with my performance."

She continued, "It was scary taking my mask off every day, and so I really appreciated how committed the crew was to keeping their masks on — even when we were shooting in hot rooms and they were carrying heavy camera and lighting equipment they were always, always masked. Their professionalism helped keep me safe, and I was and am incredibly grateful to them."

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As for what it was like to play Linda, the Oscar-winning actress said her character "has been carrying around so much tension for so long."

"This film is partially about how the chaos of lockdown allows her to release that tension, let go of whatever BS was getting her through the day and how she gets all the way honest about what authenticity and freedom mean to her," Hathaway said. "She is messy and a little nuts and I liked that."

Locked Down begins streaming on HBO Max on January 14.