The actress will join Christian Bale and Tom Hardy in the 2012 film

By Sara Hammel
Updated January 19, 2011 01:55 PM
Andy Fossum/Startrak

Anne Hathaway has reason to purr: She’s landed the coveted role of Catwoman in the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises.

Hathaway, 28, will play Selina Kyle, whose other identity is Catwoman, and will join Christian Bale, who reprising his turn as Batman. Also joining the cast: Inception‘s Tom Hardy, who will play the villain Bane.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story,” director Christopher Nolan said in a press release, according to Deadline Hollywood, which also reports that Keira Knightley,Rachel Weisz, Blake Lively and Natalie Portman were also vying for the role.

In the meantime, Hathaway’s next big role will be as co-host of the Academy Awards with James Franco.