Anna Kendrick Lied to Her 'Pitch Perfect' Pals to Spend Birthday Alone: 'I Hate Attention'

The best kind of birthday for Anna Kendrick involves zero partying and a lot of socks

The best kind of birthday for Anna Kendrick involves zero partying and a lot of socks.

The Simple Favor actress stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show to let the host in on how she secretly spent her 33rd birthday alone last month.

“I specifically did nothing. I’m one of those people that hates — not birthdays, I’ll go to your birthday. But I hate my birthday cause I hate attention,” she explained. “You know who’s really great about birthdays is all the girls from Pitch Perfect, and they always try to get me to do something with them. And I actually told them, I was like, ‘I’m in Vancouver visiting a friend.’ Well now they know that I wasn’t!”

She continued, “They always wanna plan stuff, and I just sat at home and I organized my sock drawer and I didn’t do anything. It was amazing.”

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Not to worry, Kendrick still had her birthday priorities in order. “I mean, I ordered a cake for myself, I’m not a monster. I’m not a sociopath,” she joked.

Later on in the interview, the actress and the host traded favors in honor of the movie, which stars Blake Lively and Kendrick as new friends before Lively mysteriously disappears.

Kendrick first asks DeGeneres, 60, if she can take over her Twitter account, which the host lets her do after approving the three tweets she wants to send: “A Simple Favor is so great, it’ll change your life,” “A Simple Favor is so amazing, it’ll get you laid,” and “Anna Kendrick is my favorite person of all time.”

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But it turns out DeGeneres was just baiting her into a trap when she quickly asks the actress to recreate a scene in the movie where she raps in the car. Kendrick first showed off her skills in the first Pitch Perfect when she rapped along to “No Diggity.”

Even though she’s initially embarrassed, Kendrick quickly agrees and launches into a perfectly memorized rendition of M.O.P.’s “Ante Up.”

A Simple Favor opens next Friday.

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