Anna Camp Dishes on Her 'Pitch Perfect' Newlywed Life with Skylar Astin – Complete with  Love Notes And Flowers

Anna Camp says she is more in love with her husband than ever

Almost a year after getting married, Anna Camp is still in the honeymoon phase.Camp, 34, opened up about newlywed life with Skylar Astin, saying the two are more in love than ever.“This has been the fastest year of my life,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “We fall in love with each other more and more every day we’ve been together. And I know it sounds, like, gross, everyone’s probably gonna throw up about that, but it’s actually really true.”The Pitch Perfect stars wed last October in an outdoor ceremony on the central California coast. Camp says they focus on putting their marriage first amid such hectic Hollywood work schedules.“We water the flower,” she says. “We both send each other cards and he sends me flowers all the time. We’re both working a lot and we do that to maintain that love connection — I think we’re both really kind of good at that.”

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And with their one-year anniversary quickly approaching, Camp is fully savoring their marital bliss.“Knowing that I have my best friend and that we are totally committed to one another and just to have that comfort and that safety and that bond where you know you’ve found your person, ” she says. “The longer you stay with somebody, the closer you get, and it’s really the best thing in the world to have another person that loves you just as much as you love them.”

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