"I was really surprised that I felt that exposed," she says of her role in Beowulf

By Nicholas White
November 04, 2007 01:15 PM

She may be no stranger to taking risks, but Angelina Jolie‘s latest accomplishment is making her blush.

“I got a little shy,” Jolie said Saturday, on the topic of seeing herself in a simulated nude scene for her new computer-animated movie Beowulf.

“I was really surprised that I felt that exposed,” Jolie, 32, said at a press conference for the film in Los Angeles.

“There are certain moments where I felt actually shy – and called home, just to explain that the fun movie that I had done that was digital animation was, in fact, a little different than [what] we expected,” she says.

Jolie – who in her role as a temptress killer lizard is painted gold but animated without clothes – explains, “I didn’t expect ourselves to come out as much. I didn’t expect it to feel as real, and so because of especially the type of character I play, it was kind of funny at first.”

Asked which body part she likes the most, Jolie answered with a laugh, “I love my tail.”

The PG-13-rated Beowulf, based on the Old English epic poem, opens Nov. 16 and also stars Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich. Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Who Killed Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump and The Polar Express), it is actually Jolie’s third animated film, after Shark Tale and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Jolie said she completed her two-and-a-half days on Beowulf while carrying daughter Shiloh, now 1.

“I was three months pregnant,” Jolie said. “You wouldn’t know. We did the mapping of my body before. It was a pleasure.”

As for balancing her movie career and family, Jolie said, “You just try to balance, and try not to work too much, and take turns [with your partner when it comes to] working.”