The Salt star says she does her own stunts because her "kids will like it"

By Brian Orloff
April 15, 2010 02:00 PM

Being a mom may cause some actresses to think twice about jumping off buildings or getting into car chases for work – but not Angelina Jolie.

“The funny thing about having children is that now I am twice as motivated to do a cool stunt because my kids will like it,” the actress tells Entertainment Weekly in its new issue.

Jolie, of course, is referring to Salt, due in theaters July 23, in which she plays a CIA agent on the run. Filming began only eight months after she gave birth to twins Knox and Vivienne. “I had just had two babies,” she says, “and the push to be physically strong was very welcome at the time.”

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While her director, Phillip Noyce, wasn’t exactly thrilled that Jolie did many of her own stunts – which included being hoisted up 10 stories in the air and jumping from moving cars – he says the actress was utterly fearless. “She doesn’t have to do it,” he says. “But she has absolutely no fear. Usually when an actor becomes more and more successful, they play it safe.”

Another thing Jolie is open to: working again with her former Mr. & Mrs. Smith costar (and real-life partner) Brad Pitt.

“I love working with him,” she says. “He’s my favorite actor to work with … The only complicated thing is to find the right project.”