Angelina Jolie Meets the Pope After Screening 'Unbroken' at the Vatican

The director presented her film at a special Vatican screening on Thursday

Photo: Osservatore Romano/LaPresse/Zuma

Angelina Jolie kicked off the new year with a very high-profile audience for her new film, Unbroken.

On Thursday, she showed the film – which showcases the story of real-life WWII hero Louis Zamperini – at the Vatican.

“Pope Francis, aware of the incredible life story of Louis Zamperini, graciously welcomed the opportunity to view the film,” Universal Studios said in a statement.

According reports, the pontiff missed the screening but met her afterward, along with two of her children.

A delegation of Vatican leaders and Zamperini’s son Luke did attend the screening at the Casina Pio IV, headquarters of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

“To be invited to screen Unbroken at the Vatican is an honor,” Jolie said in a statement, “and a tribute to Louie’s legacy as a man of faith and someone who exemplified the power of forgiveness and the strength of the human spirit.”

After the screening, Jolie, 39, was taken to a room in the Apostolic Palace where the Pope holds hearings.

Like all visitors, she was given a keepsake: a rosary.


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