"Daddy was making faces and all her brothers and sisters were egging her on," the actress says

Credit: Frank Connor/Disney

Filming Maleficent was a family affair for the Jolie-Pitt crew.

Angelina Jolie, who plays the title role, shares the big screen with three of her children – daughters Vivienne and Zahara, as well as son Pax.

While Zahara, now 9, and Pax, 10, have small walk-on roles, daughter Vivienne, 5½, has a larger part as the young Princess Aurora, and needed a little encouragement on her first day of shooting.

“The first day was the day she had to catch the butterfly, and she just really didn’t feel like doing it,” Jolie said at a recent Disney roundtable for the film.

The actress, 38, then explained how the whole family got involved to help Vivienne get into character.

“I actually was holding the pole with the ball on the end and bouncing up and down and dancing, trying to make her laugh, and Daddy was on the edge of the cliff she had to jump off, making faces and all her brothers and sisters were egging her on,” Jolie said. “She eventually did it but she was taking her sweet time and not wanting to do it twice, certainly.”

Jolie also revealed that she and Vivienne practiced their scenes at home.

“When we did it together, we had a good time, we played together,” she said. “I was actually shocked that she was doing so well she went back and hit her mark! It’s frightening.”

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But the proud mom of six said that she and fiancé Brad Pitt, 50, don’t want their kids to dedicate themselves to acting.

“I want them to do it for fun only, and when they get older, if they decide to be actors, I would just ask that that’s not the center of their lives,” she explained. “That’s an aspect but they are involved in many other things, because I don’t think it’s a healthy focus as the center of your life.”

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