Andy Serkis Reprises Gollum to Read Trump's Tweets

“Wait! What’s covfefe, precious?” Serkis ad-libbed in character

As a Lord of the Rings superfan, Stephen Colbert continues to use his celebrity connections for the betterment of society. On Tuesday, he did it again by giving his viewers at home something all too “precious”: War for the Planet of the Apes star Andy Serkis channeling Gollum for a dramatic reading of President Trump’s tweets.

Serkis eagerly hopped into a crouched position on The Late Show as he dove into the character’s headspace and physicality. The actor first tackled Trump’s June 13 tweet about how “the Fake News Media has never been so wrong or so dirty” and finished with the enigma that is “covfefe.”

“Wait! What’s covfefe, precious?” Serkis ad-libbed in character.

“No one knows,” Colbert said.

“I gotta say, they actually sound better that way,” the late-night personality noted of Serkis’ performance.

Someone should link up this guy with Mark Hamill, who’s been doing something similar with his animated Batman character, the Joker. Maybe the Trumpster and Gollum can team up.

Watch Serkis tackle Trump’s tweets at the 3:43 mark in the clip above.

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