Andrew Garfield is putting the Spider-Man rumors to bed
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
| Credit: Everett

It looks like Andrew Garfield won't be appearing in the upcoming Spider-Man movie after all.

In an interview with Josh Horowitz on his Happy Sad Confused podcast, The Amazing Spider-Man actor, 37, denied rumors that he would reprise his role as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home alongside Tom Holland.

Garfield first denied the rumors when Horowitz mentioned the upcoming Marvel movie, saying he didn't want to "ruin anything" by spoiling his potential appearance in the film.

"There isn't anything to ruin, bro!" Garfield reassured the host with a laugh. "I had to just quickly cut you off because there's nothing to ruin."

The Tony winner, who played Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, admitted he's seen the Spider-Man buzz on Twitter, and called it "hilarious."

"It's f---ing hilarious to me because I do have this Twitter account and I see how often Spider-Man is trending and it's people freaking out about a thing… I wish I could be able to speak to everyone and say, 'I recommend that you chill!'" Garfield said. 

The Social Network actor likened the constant rumors to a game of Werewolf and Mafia, explaining that he's tried to convince people he isn't in the new film, yet no one believes him. 

"I feel like I'm in a game of f---ing Werewolf or Mafia where I'm like 'I'm not the werewolf! I promise you I am not the werewolf!' and everyone's like 'You're the werewolf! You're the f---ing werewolf!'" he joked.

After Horowitz asked Garfield if he would or would not make an appearance in the new film, the Hacksaw Ridge star confirmed he would not, saying he "did not get a call" about reprising his role as the Marvel superhero.

"I would've gotten a call by now, that's all I'm saying," the actor said.

Spider-Man: No Way Home opens in theaters on Dec. 17.