Andrew Garfield gives advice to young fans who might be mentally struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic

By Ale Russian
May 08, 2020 09:00 AM

Andrew Garfield wants young fans to know it's okay to struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic.

PEOPLE has an exclusive video filmed by the actor for the Child Mind Institute in which he gives advice on how to maintain good mental health while adhering to stay-at-home orders.

The British actor says he wanted to help people who are "maybe looking for some reassurance, or some advice, or some ideas on how we stay thriving inside," which is Child Mind's current campaign with the #WeThriveInside hashtag.

Garfield, 36, says it's been helpful for him to recognize this is "very, very strange" and "accept there’s going to be be some wobbles, there’s going to be some anxiety and there’s going to be some fear."

The Oscar nominee also gives an update on how he's dealing with his own mental health while self-isolating.

"I’m alone in my apartment, which is interesting," Garfield says. "So I’m finding reaching out to friends and family and people that I love and that love me, and that will let me and hold space for me to be emotional or honest about how I’m feeling, that feels really important."

Garfield's advice on how to stay connected also includes helping people, whether it be doing a puzzle with a family member or lending a hand to whoever is cooking dinner at home.

Credit: Child Mind Institute

The video follows an initiative from Child Mind to help kids dealing with the impact of the pandemic. The series kicked off with Emma Stone, a board member for the institute, who explained the campaign and shared what she's been doing to keep thriving.

"I've found meditation is very helpful for my anxiety disorder, so just sitting 10, 20 minutes a day and repeating a mantra is really good for me, but you can just count your breaths," Stone said in her video. "Another thing I've been doing is dancing all around my house, blasting music and just getting it out. Any exercise at all really seems to help me, but dance is my very favorite. I just get very silly and very loose and that seems to work for me."

Other celebrities and friends of Stone like Octavia Spencer and Jonah Hill have also joined the campaign, which aims to help kids through the pandemic.

“In these uncertain and uniquely stressful times, it is critical for families – and especially children – to know that they are not alone,” said Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, president of the Child Mind Institute. “#WeThriveInside not only offers support and encouragement, it points parents to critical, evidence-based resources that can help millions of families better navigate unprecedented challenges. Most of us are struggling, but we can help each other discover new ways not just to persevere, but to thrive and grow from this experience.”

Stone announced she was joining the board at Child Mind in January with an exclusive statement to PEOPLE.

“I’m honored to join the board of the Child Mind Institute,” Stone said in a statement to PEOPLE“This is a stigma-shattering organization I am deeply passionate about, and I’m looking forward to helping the Child Mind Institute continue to advance its critically important work.”