"It's always fun to be part of a hit," Elf actress Amy Sedaris tells PEOPLE of the Christmas movie, also starring Will Ferrell, 15 years after its premiere

By Dana Rose Falcone
November 07, 2018 01:39 PM
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Between its classic Christmas music, festive New York City and North Pole settings, and Will Ferrell turning nearly every line into a quotable zinger as Buddy, a human raised by elves — Elf continues to evoke pure joy in viewers of all ages.

So it makes sense that behinds the scenes, the cast was just as jovial.

“Ferrell was always keeping the ball up in the air, always laughing,” Amy Sedaris, who played secretary Deb in 2003’s Elf, tells PEOPLE. “We just sat around talking a lot. Everybody was always in a good mood; the energy was up. It was a nice and pleasant set to be on. My time on set was just a blast.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that the movie’s stars thought Elf would still resonate the way it does 15 years later.

“You never know when you start,” Sedaris, 57, says. “You do a scene here, you do a scene there, and I can never see the big picture. I don’t really think about the final product at all. If I’m having fun and everyone’s having fun, the chances are it’s going to turn out okay.”

But the Strangers with Candy star loves that Elf, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of its debut on Wednesday, remains a classic.

Sedaris, Caan and Ferrell in Elf.
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“It’s always fun to be part of a hit,” she admits. “That’s what I like about Christmas movies — if it’s good, it never gets old.”

While Sedaris still hasn’t learned to declaw kittens (“Can you imagine? My whole face would’ve been scratched up,” she quips), the actress watches Elf with her godchildren every holiday season and keeps in touch with her castmates.

“I’ve seen Kyle Gass since then, Peter Dinklage lives in my neighborhood,” Sedaris says. “I run into Will once in a while.”

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As for the possibility of doing a sequel — perhaps one that picks up with Buddy and Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) raising their baby elf in the North Pole — Sedaris is in. “I’d love to do one again,” she says. “It’d be fun.”

Until then, Sedaris will start planning for this year’s holiday season.

“I haven’t baked in a while because I put my mixer up too high and I’m too lazy to get it down, but I’ll make something,” the comedian says. “I’m pretty on top of it, it’s just going to post office, getting boxes, getting stamps, handwriting everything out. It’s a lot of work and I get why people say, ‘Oh, forget it, I’ll just get a certificate or order something on Amazon.’ And I’m just like, ‘I can’t do that!’ So we’ll have to come up with a plan.”