May 02, 2017 12:09 PM

Amy Schumer wants to be a mother — someday.

The actress sat down with The Moms alongside her Snatched costar Goldie Hawn for an interview, and Schumer admitted that although her “uterus remains empty” for now, she’d like to have kids of her own someday.

“I’ve worked very hard to not be a mom,” Schumer joked. “But I’m 35, I’m sick of thinking of myself, you know? It’s just like enough Amy, who cares?”

When asked by host Melissa Gerstein if she wants to be a parent, Schumer responded, “Yeah.”

Host Denise Albert followed up by asking, “Because you’re not a mom, is that the most annoying question that you get?”

“No, are you serious?” Schumer replied. “No, the most annoying question I get is always about … like, so you’re in a bathing suit in this movie …”

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For now, Schumer is happy to play Hawn’s onscreen daughter in their new comedy, where the duo set off on an ill-fated vacation to South America.

While their chemistry seems perfect on the big screen, the two weren’t always so familiar with each other.

During a Monday appearance on TodaySchumer revealed that when she first pitched the movie idea to Hawn — who happened to be on a flight with her — her future costar had no idea who she was.

“I left [Hawn] alone during the flight. We’d never met,” the comedian began. “I waited ’til we got off the plane and then I went up and I harassed her. And I was just like, ‘I really want you to play my mom in this movie. And she was just like, ‘Okay, honey.’ ”

Hawn said she feels “bad” that she didn’t know Schumer, but called the actress “sweet” and “adorable.”

“I thought you were the cutest thing. Amy came up and she was just, you know, sweet, you know, and adorable and all of it, and I hadn’t seen the show,” Hawn said, referencing the comedian’s hit show Inside Amy Schumer.

Hawn added, “I feel bad!”

Snatched hits theaters May 12.

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