April 17, 2017 09:00 AM


In their new comedy Snatched, Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer prove that sometimes moms and social media just don’t mix.

In this exclusive trailer, Schumer’s character, Emily, changes her relationship status to “not in a relationship.” Her mother Linda (Hawn) responds but unfortunately doesn’t know she is posting on Emily’s wall. In other words, the message is anything but private.

To Emily’s horror, now everyone can read her mother’s comments, which include advice such as, “Don’t worry. You still have at least 2 years to meet someone. We’ll figure this out.”

In the film, Schumer’s character is dumped by her boyfriend days before they were supposed to leave for South America, so she convinces her uptight mother to accompany her on the trip, which leads to many relatable and hilarious mother-and-daughter scenarios.

Want to join in on the action? Submit to us your funniest social media mishaps with mom on Twitter or Facebook, using the hashtag #snatchedsocialsnafu. On May 3, Schumer and Hawn will pick their favorites and read them on PEOPLE.com.

Snatched is in theaters May 12.

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